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Notable Gifts to the People's Community Clinic

August 2008 - The Clinic’s Integrated Behavioral Health Program has received $127,000 from the St. David’s Community Health Foundation and $91,580 from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. The program provides basic mental health care services in the clinic alongside other medical services, allowing many patients to feel more comfortable in seeking treatment.


July 2008 - The Dell Foundation has renewed a two year grant of $50,000 to help fund our Adolescent Social Worker. This program provides social work services to pre-teens and their parents through the Center for Adolescent Health at PCC. The overall goal of the project is to help youth and families make a successful transition to a healthy adolescence and adulthood.


June 2008 - The Donald D. Hammill Foundation has given the Clinic $10,000 for the Chronic Disease Management Program. The program helps those with chronic conditions to better self-manage their conditions and to prevent their condition from worsening. The program provides support for the Clinic’s 600 low-income adult patients with chronic conditions, primarily diabetes.


April 2008 - The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation has provided a grant of $250,000 to support the clinic’s adult and pediatric care services. The grant will greatly enhance the Clinic’s ability to serve over 10,000 uninsured and medically underserved children and adults each year and open up some capacity for new adult patients which, until this point, has not been possible.

April 2008 - The Goals Program has received $50,000 in continued funding from the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program. Now in its fourth year, the Goals Program integrates mental health services with physical primary care for uninsured c hildren with developmental and behavioral needs.

April 2008 - The Dell Foundation has provided an additional $5,000 though its Open Grants program for support of PCC's clinic at the LifeWorks Street Outreach Program. The project provides homeless young people with easily accessible medical treatment, immunizations, and information about avoiding risky lifestyle behaviors.


March 2008 - The MFI Foundation has provided a grant of $25,000 to the Tandem Program, a multi-agency project addressing the needs of pregnant and parenting teens during pregnancy and the first two years of the baby's life. The program's goals are to avoid a second pregnancy and to help young mothers get the education and skills necessary for self-sufficiency. The Tandem Program is a community collaboration of People's Community Clinic, Any Baby Can, Austin Child Guidance Center, and LifeWorks.

March 2008 - The Clinic received a grant of $10,000 from the Austin Community Foundation Women's Fund for the Goals Program. The Goals Program at People's Community Clinic helps children and teens (ages 4 to 19) who are having trouble in school or at home by integrating behavioral and developmental care into a primary care setting.


December 2007 - The Topfer Family Foundation granted PCC $100,000 in support of our Prenatal and Pediatrics Programs. PCC's comprehensive services cover a family's entire lifespan, allowing us to not only care for a pregnant woman but her newborn child as well.

December 2007 - The Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation provided a general operations grant of $10,000. We are grateful for this unrestricted support of our general medical operations.

December 2007 - The Dr. Henry Renfert, Jr. Fund of the Austin Community Foundation granted PCC $30,000 in support of the Chronic Disease Management Program. The program provides long-term support for over 600 low-income adult patients with chronic conditions, primarily diabetes.

December 2007 - The Estate of Major General Robert Bernstein, M.D. awarded the Clinic $10,000 for general operations. Dr. Bernstein was a loyal supporter of the Clinic for many years, and we are honored to be recognized in his will.

December 2007 - The KLE Foundation granted us $15,000 for our Reach Out and Read program, which provides children with a free book to take home after each well-child visit.

December 2007 - The South Coast Foundation gave $20,000 to the Clinic in support of general operations. These critical funds allow us to offer our patients evening appointments so we can better accommodate our patients' schedules.

December 2007 - The March of Dimes has granted the Clinic $11,832 for Centering Pregnancy, a program of group classes that provides prenatal, breastfeeding, and parenting information to expectant mothers.

December 2007 - Spansion has provided the Clinic with $10,000 in support of its Patient Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. This program is run in conjunction with many major pharmaceutical companies and supplies no-cost prescriptions to the most needy patients. For patients who do not qualify for the PPAP, the funds from Spansion will help cover the gap between the cost and what those patients can pay.

December 2007 - The Garber Family Foundation gave $15,000 to the Clinic in support of the Integrated Behavioral Health Program, which seeks to address mental health issues through their primary care physician.

December 2007 - The Auxiliary to St. David's Medical Center has provided a grant of $25,000 to the Nutrition Education and Health Psychology Program that continues to serve our patients with type II diabetes, gestational diabetes, and obesity.

December 2007 - During the past year, our pediatrics and prenatal programs have both grown, so in 2008 we will have an even greater need for immunizations for our youngest patients The Clinic received grants of $15,000 from the Hospira Foundation and $7,000 from the Theodore P. Davis Charitable Trust in support of PCC's Immunization Program.

December 2007 - Nancy and Richard Neavel provided a gift of $25,000 to support the Bicky Trager Patient Education Fund. This fund is a key part of the Clinic's push to engage patients in their own care. Patient involvement is a crucial factor in good health.


November 2007 - To increase the efficiency of our operations, we are implementing a bar-coding system for all of the medical charts in order to map our systems and to better track medical charts in a timely manner. The Lola Wright Foundation has granted the Clinic $20,000 toward the purchase of new bar-coding equipment.

November 2007 - People's Community Clinic announced in November that, to date, it has received nearly $520,000 from the estate of the late Dr. Emmett M. Heiligman, who died April, 27, 2007 in Austin, Texas. This bequest is the second largest gift the clinic has received from a private individual since its inception in 1970. More ...

November 2007 - The Benge-Hury Foundation has given $20,000 to the Clinic to support our general operations. These critical funds allow us to offer our patients extended hours so that they can visit us at times that work for them. PCC is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. We hold two to three clinics daily, each lasting four hours. Almost all of our patient visits take place during these clinics.


October 2007 - Philip and Donna Berber have given the Clinic over $50,000 to be used to support our Tandem program and the Center for Adolescent Health. These two programs are examples of the innovative care that we provide to adolescents.

October 2007 - The Clinic was recently awarded a grant from the RGK Foundation in support of our efforts toward reorganizing the patient revenue process. The grant supports a Revenue Cycle manager, who will be responsible for the maximization of revenue while maintaining the highest levels of patient, physician, employee and other customer relations. This grant allows the Clinic to enhance our capacity to serve our patients. Many thanks to the RGK Foundation for their generous support. More ...


September 2007 - The Carl C. and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Trust gave $5,000 in September for immunizations.


June 2007 - Austin's Meyer Levy Charitable Foundation has given $25,000 and the Wright Family Foundation of Baltimore, Maryland has granted $5,000 to PCC to support our Immunizations Program. The Immunization Program is an important part of our preventive plan. Last year over 14,000 doses of vaccine were administered by the Clinic to our Central Texas neighbors, and we continue to provide this critical service weekly on a walk-in basis to non-PCC patients. Approximately 75% of immunizations given by the clinic are for children 0-6 years, with almost 50% given to children 0-2.

June 2007 - The Silverton Foundation has pledged $30,000 in support of the East Austin Community Health Promoters Program. The East Austin Community Health Promoters Project (EACHPP) was developed in response to the health challenges in East Austin. To help patients better manage their conditions, and to prevent patients that are at-risk from becoming diabetic, the project hires and trains Community Health Promoters to coach and support the patients outside of the clinic setting. The approach of the program is threefold: to increase the patient’s knowledge of their condition and its treatment, to change the patient’s behavior through exercise and diet, and to improve the objective health measures related to diabetes and obesity.

June 2007 - The ECG Foundation has provided a grant of $5,000 in support of PCC's Prenatal Program. The Clinic has an exemplary prenatal program, serving almost 1,400 Austin women and over 740 newborns annually. In keeping with the Clinic's constant efforts to improve the health of each patient and our community, PCC seeks to meet Austin's increased demand for prenatal care.


May 2007 - The The Bluebonnet Chapter of the American Association of Diabetes Educators contributed $500 to the clinic for purchasing culturally appropriate food models to be used to help provide nutrition education to Latino patients with diabetes.


March 2007 - The Clinic received a grant of $5,000 from the Seawell Elam Foundation for the Diabetes Nutrition Education and Counseling Program. The program empowers patients to actively participate in their treatment in order to reduce risk of diabetic complications. The program the patients and their families to better manage their diabetes, thus forestalling the devastating medical complications that can occur. The Clinic will diagnose approximately 100 new cases of diabetes annually, and will provide counseling and educational services, as well as low-cost equipment and medications to aid in personal monitoring and maintenance.


February 2007 - People’s Community Clinic received $1,500 from the Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Endowment Fund to assist in underwriting the costs of providing medical care and health outreach/education visits to adolescents and young adults at the People’s Community Clinic/ LifeWorks Street Outreach Program (LWSOP) clinic.


December 2006 - Our thanks to the law firm of Noelke, English & Prescott, LLP for choosing to make the Clinic the beneficiary of their annual holiday fundraising effort! The firm has not only volunteered to fundraise for the Clinic, but will also match gifts they raise from this effort up to $5,000! Our thanks to these attorneys' generous community spirit!


St. David's Foundation has given the Clinic funds to expand its walk-in immunization capacity by as much as 2,800 additional vaccinations annually, starting with two August Saturday back-to-school clinics.


We are seeing more pediatric patients for "well child" checkups and acute care and have greater evening clinic capacity than ever before thanks to a significant ongoing grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


Our prenatal program is able to increase the number of appointments for expectant mothers and their newborns as a result of a new Topfer Family Foundation grant.


We've been awarded a five-year, $50,000/year HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services) grant to formalize and expand our Behavioral Developmental Primary Care program. This is the Clinic's largest, and one of our first, federal grants. We'll screen 2,500 of our current pediatric patients and provide assessments and integrate mental health support services into the primary care of 150 children during the first year, with 200 children in the following years.


The Lowe Foundation has committed funds to the Capacity Campaign to provide a women's health exam room and the Dell Foundation has renewed funding of our adolescent health social worker position.


KXAN's Make A Difference program, in collaboration with A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, has selected the Clinic's Reach Out and Read program to receive funds to purchase books for children at well-child checkups. (Especially noteworthy about this recognition is the fact that one doesn't apply for this help, their advisory board on its own quietly selects recipients.)


St. Luke's Episcopal Heath Charities of Houston has just approved our $50,000 request to fund five, half-time community health promoters who with other promoters and other funders will help East Austin neighborhoods and patients of People's, Seton McCarthy, Rosewood Zaragosa, East Austin, and Montopolis clinics deal with a rising tide of diabetes and obesity by promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, and other positive ways to improve their health.


St. David's Episcopal Church has provided funds for ultrasounds.