Support People's Community Clinic

People's Community Clinic is happy to accept many donations of supplies from the community. However, there are some items we are more in need of, and other items we cannot accept.

Guide to Items the Clinic Accepts

Due to limited space and our specific practice type, please note that we can only accept the items listed below.

Office Supplies:
• Black pens
• Post-It notes
• Pencils
• Jumbo paper clips

Disposable Medical Equipment:
• Lancets for Softclix devices (only accepting lancets for this device)
• Insulin syringes
• Tenderfoot lancets
• Table paper and disposable patient drapes
• 3 cc syringes
• Powder-free non-sterile exam gloves
• Individually wrapped maxi pads, tampons

Laboratory & Immunization Supplies:
• 3cc and 5cc syringes
• Cotton Balls
• 21, 22, and 23 gauge needles
• Vacutainer sleeves
• 21, 22, 23 gauge vacutainer needles
• Gauze pads
• 1 to 3 milliliter plastic pipettes
• Bottles of isopropyl alcohol
• Blood specimen tubes (lavender, tiger and red-topped) that are not expired
• Sterile and non-sterile cups for urine specimens

Other Items:
• New or good quality used children's books, particularly bilingual books.

Items We Cannot Accept:

• Medications from individuals, prescriptions for individuals
• Any items that have passed an expiration date
• Magazines
• Used toys
• Medical supplies with open packages
• Diagnostic testing supplies (such as blood glucose machines)
• IV supplies
• Durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, braces, splints
• Miscellaneous equipment such as beds, commodes, etc.
• Chux pads, adult diapers
• Nutritional supplements

Questions concerning in-kind donations can be addressed by contacting:

Miriam Mueller
Development Information Associate
(512) 322-5135, ext. 610