President's Council and Council of 100

Sustainability: keeping an eye on the future

The People's Community Clinic Board of Directors formed the President's Council and the Council of 100 in 2006 in an effort to ensure the Clinic's long-term sustainability. The members of the President's Council give $5,000 annually and Council of 100 members give $1,000 to the Clinic each year. These generous donors will play a critical role in the Clinic's future.

In the fall of 2006, former Board member Sara Buss offered a challenge to Clinic donors: she would match all Council of 100 funds up to $25,000 with a gift to a People's Community Clinic endowment fund.

The Clinic exists because of the amazing people who dedicate themselves to its mission, and Ms. Buss's challenge is a great example of that kind of dedication. By the end of 2006, more than 52 people had joined the Council, and the list continues to grow daily.

Our sincere thanks to Sara Buss and all the members of the President's Council and the Council of 100.

Our numbers continue to grow! The rosters below includes members as of March 31, 2008.

President's Council Members


Carolyn Rice Bartlett Charitable Foundation
Philip and Donna Berber
Sarah W. Biedenharn
Sarah Buss
Christine L. and Philip S. Dial
David Garza and John Hogg, M.D.
Mrs. Cherry K. Gray
Beverly and Balie Griffith
Stefanie and Stephen Griffith
Michele and Brad Moore
Nancy and Richard Neavel
Nona Niland, M.D.
John Scanlan
Claire and Carl Stuart
Michael P. Turner
Susan and James Williams, M.D.
Mary and Howard Yancy
Manuel Zuniga


Council of 100 Members

James C. Armstrong
Robbie and Tom Ausley
Sara Austin, M.D.
Mitzi and Thomas Barker, Jr.
Melanie and Ben Barnes
Karen J. Bartoletti
June and Gary Beach, M.D.
Becky Beaver, J.D.
Sheila Beckett
Susan O. Bradshaw
Kim Britt
Becky and Chris Butschek, M.D.
Norman H. Chenven, M.D.
Malcolm L. Cooper
John J. Costanzi, M.D.
Beth and F. Kelly Cunningham, M.D.
William H. Cunningham, Ph.D.
Jan and Robert F. Ellzey, M.D.
Susan and Robert Epstein
Mary Margaret and Ray Farabee
Cissie and Dillon Ferguson
Jane and James Flieller
Sharon and Frank Foerster
Sharon Francia
DeAnn Friedholm
Lynda Frost
Ali Gallagher
William and Regan Gammon
David Garcia, Ph.D.
Marcy and Robert Garriott
Bob and Dionne Green
Peggy and Andy Greenawalt
Anne Gregory
Patty and Sam Griswold
Kathy Guido and Alfred Stanley
Linda Haines
Elizabeth and Michael Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hardeman
Richard C. Hartgrove and Gary Cooper
Ingrid Schmidt, M.D. and
     Walter Hennigan, Jr., M.D.
Dealey and David Herndon
David W. Hilgers
Farrell A. Hillman, M.D.
Milton Hime
Burnes and Minnie Hollyman
Jan and Arthur Holzheimer
Aileen Hooks and Ray Donley
Helen and Jerry Hopson
Drs. Isabel and Russell Hoverman
Gail and Robert W. Hughes
Jan and David Hughes
Mitchell Jacobson
Susie and Kenny Jastrow
Kelley and David Jemison
Andrea and Boland Jones
Melissa Jones
Carol and Douglas Kadison
John Kerrigan and Billy Wilkinson
Darrel and Darrell Kirkland
Cindy Kozmetsky
David Kurio
Ken Lambrecht and Ken Stein
Joan and Jeffrey Lava, M.D.
Drs. Georgia and Carey Legett, Jr.
Romi and Barry Lewis
Lynn Lipshy
Renee Lockey, M.D.
Gael Lonergan, M.D. and Doug Lair
David Lundeen
Fran Magee
Deborah Martin and Robert Sullivan
Carol and Steve Mattingly
Chris McCaul
Dr. and Mrs. Al McClurg
Shannon and Terry McDaniel
Sherry and Tim McGillicuddy
Mary Ann and John McPhaul
Suzanna and Charles McVey
Laura Meritt and Keith Cranford
Deborah Meyer
Barbara Miller
Laurence D. Miller III
Miller Blueprint - Luci Miller and
     Robert Miller
Bonnie K. Mills
Wendy and Rob Milman
Jeffrey L. Minch
Ellen and Steven Miura
Mr. and Mrs. John Mobley, III
Susan Moffat and Nick Barbaro
Janice and James Moyle, M.D.
M. P. Mueller
Stella and Charlie Mullins
Carol and Michael Murphy
Kathryn Nowlin
Lesley Nowlin
Teresa Oppedal and Gary Ewell
William R. Otto, M.D.
Judith and Edward Parken
Debra Pennington, M.D. and Scott Penningon
Personal Administrators, Inc.
     Patti O'Meara
Sara and Dick Rathgeber
Mark T. Ritter (In memoriam)
Paul Robshaw
Juan L. Rodriguez, M.D.
Sandy and Michael Rotman, M.D.
Joel W. Rudd
Alice and Neil Rutledge, M.D. Eddie Safady
Jill and Rick Salwen
Dr. and Mrs. John Sandbach
Nancy W. Scanlan
Relia Mae Scheib
Pete Schenkkan, J.D.
John Schneider, Jr.
Corina and Willie Scoggins
Rajeev Shah and Stephanie Shaw
Ronald B. Shapiro, M.D.
Lesa and Stuart Shaw
Monica and David Sheldon
Gabriele de Kuyper Sheshunoff
Marina Sifuentes, R.Ph. and
     Tad Davis, M.D.
Toni and Eric Simone
Diane and Clay Singleton
Sabrina Streusand, J.D. and
     Bill Streusand, M.D.
Carmen A. Tawil
Margot and Grant Thomas
George C. Thorne, M.D.
Julie and John Thornton
Toby Tobleman
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Topfer
Judy Trabulsi
Theresa and Ken Treviņo
Marcia Tugendhat and
     James Montanaro
Dirk Van De Graaf
Carol Wagner
Thomas Watkins
Ali and Trey Watson
Jerry and Amy Webberman
Alexa and Blaine Wesner
Stephanie and Bill Whitehurst
Julia M. Wilkinson
Sally and Bill Witliff
Rebecca and Russell Young
Jodi and Fred Zipp