Services We Offer

The Clinic provides the following services:

Prenatal Care:
medical assessment; health education; fetal monitoring; laboratory tests; vitamins; medications as required; and social work services.

Gynecology and Family Planning:
Annual medical examinations; instruction in breast self examinations; assessment and medical treatment for conditions affecting reproductive health; colposcopy and cryosurgery; health education; disease prevention education; laboratory and pharmacy services.

Adult Primary Care:
Medical treatment and prevention services; annual exams; treatment and management of chronic conditions, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, etc.; nutritional counseling and dietary assessment; laboratory test; medications; and social work services.

Pediatric Care: (EPSDT)
Well-child examinations; post discharge evaluation of neonates; medical assessment and treatment for chronic and acute conditions; immunizations; health and developmental screening; anticipatory guidance for parents; laboratory tests; medications; and social work services.

Adolescent Health Services:
Holistic approach to assessing and addressing health care needs of at-risk youth through the Center for Adolescent Health. Outreach medical and prevention services for young people at American YouthWorks (AYW); sports physicals delivered at school sites; HIV prevention education delivered at school sites; medical assessment relating to developmental and behavioral problems; social work services; the GOALS program, health maintenance education and nutrition education. Read more...

Teen Prenatal Care:
PCC offers a prenatal clinic dedicated to meeting the special needs of pregnant teens; includes intensive nurse practitioner case management, extensive education and health guidance, and referral to TANDEM.

During our Walk-in Immunization Clinics we offer free routine immunizations for individuals 18 years of age or younger who do not have medical insurance or whose medical insurance does not cover immunizations. (We do accept Medicaid & CHIP). Please call 708-3199 for the weekly schedule. Read more...

Nutrition Counseling:
Dietary assessment and nutrition counseling for morbidly obese, diabetic, or hypertensive patients.

Social Work Services:
Assessment and referral; case management; assistance in developing and implementing plans to access off-site services to meet psychosocial needs that impact wellness.

HIV Counseling and Testing:
Confidential HIV testing which includes pre and post test counseling; focus on pregnant women, high-risk youth, and adults engaging in high-risk behavior.

Pain management and smoking cessation. Limited evening appointments available. Read more...

East Austin Community Health Promoters:
Specially trained individuals who work with overweight children and adult diabetics in their homes and neighborhoods. An East Austin five-clinic collaboration. Read more...

Reach Out and Read:
At each well-child checkup, children are provided a free age- and language-appropriate book and parents are provided guidance on how to instill a love of reading in the home. Read more...

Laboratory Services:
The Clinic's on-site lab can test or send out for any test that your Provider orders.  The orders for a test must come from a People's Community Clinic Provider. You can have the lab tests done after your provider's appointment or you can schedule a lab appointment after seeing the Provider.

The two main tests patients need to fast for are Glucose testing and Lipid tests.  Fasting for 12 to 14 hours is recommended.

You usually receive your lab results during a follow-up appointment.  Otherwise, you can call 708-3185 for results, leaving your name, date of birth, and telephone number.  You will be called back.  HIV results cannot be given over the telephone.

Pharmacy Services:
Please call your refills in at least 48 hours in advance. The refill phone line is 512-708-3186. Called-in refills will be ready for pick up after 48 hours This is only for prescriptions that have valid refills remaining.

If there are no refills remaining on your prescription, we will have to contact your provider. This may take up to 5 days depending on your doctor's work schedule. Please leave all of the requested in formation on the voice recorder so that your refill is not delayed. Due to our limited supply of medication, we can only fill a one month supply of medication at a time. We only hold filled medications for 10 days.  After 10 days, the prescription will be returned to stock and it will only be refilled when you are physically in the pharmacy to pick it up. Read more...