Tandem Prenatal and Parenting Project

People’s Community Clinic serves as the lead agency for the multi-agency Tandem Project which addresses the medical, education and psychosocial needs of pregnant and parenting teens during pregnancy and the first two years of the baby’s life. The goal is to equip young mothers with the education, skills, and resources necessary for self-sufficiency so that they can transition successfully into responsible young adulthood. Tandem is a community collaboration of People’s Community Clinic, Any Baby Can, Austin Child Guidance Center, and LifeWorks.

The program’s design has proven to be highly successful. Nationally, over 20% of teen mothers annually become pregnant again within a year of delivery.  In Tandem’s first eight years of operation, a total of 9% of active participants have become pregnant again within that time frame. In 2004, the program’s repeat pregnancy rate was 2%.

Teen pregnancy remains a critical issue for Texas despite a decline in the national rate of teen pregnancies. A new analysis by the The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy shows that teen childbearing in Texas cost taxpayers at least one billion dollars in 2004. Of that amount, approximately 55% were federal costs and 45% were state and local costs. Most of the costs of teenage childbearing are associated with negative outcomes for the children of teen mothers. Annual taxpayer costs in Texas include: $165 million for public healthcare (Medicaid and CHIP); $83 million for child welfare; $161 million for incarceration; and $349 million in lost tax revenue, due to decreased earnings and spending.

Tandem Coordinator: Robin Rosell, LCSW, LMFT (Biography)

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