Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a program that promotes pediatric literacy. National research validates that early, regular reading leads to significantly greater vocabulary for preschoolers and that one variable alone results in greater success in school. Thus, PCC has on staff a Reach Out & Read coordinator working with pediatricians to provide books in English and Spanish to patients, helping parents come to enjoy the benefits of reading to their children.

In the news...

ROR was featured on NBC Nightly News’ “What Works” feature on Monday, 3/12. Click this link below to watch: MSNBC story on Reach Out and Read

The importance of reading...

Children's early family experiences are directly related to their later intellectual growth. The amount and quality of interaction between parents and children in the early stages of life has a direct and scientifically substantiated effect on a child's vocabulary growth rate, vocabulary use, and overall cognitive functioning. A positive early experience with books can help a child understand the value of literacy and is one of the most important building blocks a parent can establish to prepare his or her child for future academic and economic success. The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program provides information and resources to help parents establish the positive interactions that will enable their children to grow into lifelong learners and readers. The primary goal of the ROR program at PCC is to enrich the parent-provider-patient relationship and increase the quality of literacy interactions by providing the parent both guidance and resources (books).

To reach the goal PCC has established the following objectives:

Through the support of medical care providers and PCC staff, over 800 families have been given guidance about reading at home and provided books over 6 months. As the program progresses we hope to reach 1,500 families a year. To become lifelong readers, children need an early start at home and ROR provides both information and resources parents can use.


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