Provider Stories

Amanda Johnson
Volunteer Physical Therapist

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Volunteer Physical Therapist Amanda Johnson One of the many ways that People's Community Clinic serves its patients is through its volunteer medical specialists. People without health insurance often have trouble finding a specialist. The Clinic solves this problem by connecting our patients with medical professionals willing to give of their time and expertise.

Amanda Johnson is one of those people.

Amanda visits PCC once a week to provide physical therapy to patients in need. When she moved to Austin in 2006, she went looking for a place to volunteer her services. She describes her interest in serving PCC patients as motivated by a desire to practice patient-centered therapy, in a supportive and team-oriented medical setting.

"I wanted to treat my patients in the ways that they needed to return to full duty, to return to work and life without impairment or disability. I enjoy providing physical therapy to people who need it. It's rewarding as a medical professional to practice that way."

Amanda knows that many patients at People's Community Clinic have jobs that require hard physical work. Those jobs take a toll on their bodies. When someone needs care because of that kind of work, People's is pleased to be able to provide the kinds of medical services that allow our patients to return to full health, and to return to work.

Amanda enjoys working at the Clinic because of the environment here - the other staff members she works with make her experience a positive one. Here is Amanda's story in her own words.

"Overall, it is a joy to work at the PCC. It's an encouraging place, and staff work well together. I haven't encountered any staff person who hasn't bent over backward to welcome and accommodate me. It's a great place to work for medical professionals. They've accommodated my schedule and timeframe as a volunteer. It allowed me to give what I could give."

"People that are part of service provision for the uninsured are doing it because they are truly concerned about the patient's wellbeing. [The staff] are all grateful for volunteer providers, approachable, and eager to work as a team. It's fantastic. It's getting back to why I entered the medical field in the first place."

Thank you!

We are grateful for Amanda's very valuable contribution of care to PCC patients, and to all our volunteer providers for giving so generously of their time and expertise to our patients.


Last updated October 2007.