Patient Stories

Kisha Alexander

Kisha Alexander has been a patient at the clinic for more than ten years and received prenatal care throughout her three pregnancies. Her two young boys, 8-year-old DeEdrick and 5-year-old DeAndre, have received care at People’s since they were born. “Dr. Appel, especially, helps talk them into the things they need, including immunizations. We come to the clinic when the kids have so much as a sniffle because they actually enjoy coming.”

Kisha describes the clinic as family-friendly, a place where providers care about their patients, “My favorite aspect of being a patient at PCC is the service. You know how some doctors see you because it’s their job? Well, it’s different at People’s. The providers try hard to make sure the family gets everything they need in one visit and if they can’t provide it—like when my son was born with bowed legs-- they help you get what you need somewhere else.”

Xochitl Ojeda

Five-year-old Xochitl Ojeda has been a patient of the clinic since she was born.

Her mother, Idalia Ramirez, received prenatal care throughout her pregnancy with both Xochitl and Xochitl’s older sister, Angelique. As a full-time student, Idalia is unable to purchase health insurance for her three daughters.

She learned about the clinic when a friend told her about it during her first pregnancy.

"I didn’t know where to go,” she says. “If we didn’t come to PCC we’d probably have to use the ER. We don’t really have anything wrong with us; we just go for check ups with Dr. Appel.”


Carmen Rangel

Carmen Rangel has been a patient of the clinic for five years. She began receiving prenatal care at the Cinic when she was pregnant with her daughter, America, who is now 4 years old.

Carmen and America live with Carmen’s mother; and although she and her mother clean homes full time, they have no health insurance. “I don’t know where I’d go if we couldn’t come to the clinic. I went with my sister-in-law to another place and I didn’t like how they treated her. I like how the staff cares for us at PCC,” Carmen says. While many PCC patients have complicated medical conditions, many like Carmen and America require basic, ongoing preventive care, reassured by knowing the clinic is available should something serious arise.

Saucio Torres

Saucio Torres is a very proud father, and attends nearly all of his daughter’s medical appointments at People’s.

Saucio works in a restaurant full time, but neither he nor the baby’s mother, Analilia Aguilar Jimenez has health insurance.

Saucio says that at the Clinic, “They treat my family really well. Analilia’s sister wanted her to go to her healthcare clinic, but People’s is closer to our home and I really like how they treat us here, so we decided to stay.”

Octavio Zamora

A healthy man in his forties, Octavio Zamora has no health insurance. He works as a gardener to support his family of six, and didn’t have regular medical care for most of his adult life. Only when he injured his shoulder in 2003 did he seek out a medical home. His wife and children had been patients at PCC, and he liked what they had to say about it. In addition to primary care, Mr. Zamora has also received on-site specialty care at the Clinic from two of our volunteer specialists--Physical Therapist Amanda Johnson (pictured) and Cardiologist George Rodgers.


Last updated September 2007.