People's Community Clinic 2008 Budget

Patient self-pay sliding-scale fees provide 10% of the Clinic's revenue. Contractual partnerships with the Travis County Hospital District and the City of Austin, as well as support from Travis County, State of Texas grants, and limited Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare payments total about 30% of annual revenue.

Nearly 60% of the Clinic's $5 million annual operating budget is provided by private funders - individuals, foundations, corporations, religious groups and other organizations.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2008 Budget.  


Government Funding $1,350,621
Patient Revenue 1,133,045
Collaboration Revenue 1 323,156
Partnership Grants 2 1,873,283
Restricted Private Grants 615,639
Fundraising 1,011,000
Interest and Miscellaneous Income 88,738
In-kind Donations 48,096
Total Revenue $6,641,915


Personnel $4,308,771
Contractual Services 946,037
Laboratory/Diagnostics 200,000
Pharmacy 258,697
Medical Supplies 111,178
Facility, Equipment and Information Systems 350,430
Administrative 320,279
Fundraising 35,000
Collaborative Programs 129,293
In-kind Expenses 48,096
Total Expenses $6,707,781
Net Surplus/(Deficit) $(65,866)
Fund balance contribution $65,
Net $0
1Collaboration Revenue includes TANDEM Teen Parenting Program and Offsite Clinics.
2 Partnership Revenue includes St. David's Community Health Foundations. Medical Center and Auxiliary and United Way Capital Area.